Belmont Eco Laundry is happy to announce our up coming second location, at 2942 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR. We greatly appreciate our loyal customers and have earned your business. This second location will have the latest technology in laundry equipment possible. Please be patient during our remodeling process, you will be able to follow our progress on this page as well as our FaceBook page. So if you are not following us on FaceBook you are missing out on up coming benefits.

I have been working with the City of Portland t obtain the proper permits, almost done with the permit request stage. Keep following the progress. Once we start the remodeling it will go fast!

Week of Sept 7, 2015 we will clean out all of the old equipment back to the bare walls. This will kick off the rebuilding process and I will post pictures of the stages.


Remodel P1000

This is the first of many pictures of the remodeling to come. The picture above shows the drain lines for the washers being installed.


Hawthorne Dryer P102

Drain lines ditches have been filled. The dryers have been delivered to be placed.


Hawthorne P105


The bulk heads are in place with the start of the washer deliveries.

Hawthorne P106

All the washers have been delivered, now for the install.

Hawthorne Water Line

We had to install a new main water line to the building, the old line gave out after 50 years. Contractors are busy trying to complete tasks and finish up their work.

Hawthorne Sign P101

Today we were able to install the new sign panels for our street sign, starting to look good and making major progress!

Hawthorne P107

We have completed the flooring process and it looks GREAT!

Hawthorne P108

We have completed the remodeling process and will open for business on December 26, 2015. THANK YOU for your patience in this long process. Even though we are opening on December 26th we will be continuing improvements for up coming weeks. We want to make this the best laundromat ever!


OPENED ON DECEMBER 26, 2015!!! Stop by and see the newest laundromat in Portland, Oregon

Please keep checking back for more up dated pictures, enjoy!

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