SUPER fast machines are incredible. We dropped off, ran an errand, came back and laundry is washed. Switched it, another errand came back and we’re clothed again for 2 more weeks.

Andrew W.

Wheaton, IL



LOVE this laundromat. I’ve lived in apartments for a long time, and used various laundromats in various towns, and never found one that was so clean, spacious, had this many machines, and each one always functional. It is seldom that there isn’t a staff member around to answer questions, and if there isn’t, there’s a big notice placed where you can’t miss it, with a number you can call and someone *will* pick up. Each staff member is pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable. There are lots of chairs and, considering how short a time you’re likely to be there (the machines are fast and efficient), those chairs are comfy. I heartily recommend this place.

Julia K.

Portland, OR



At one point in my life, I was considering opening a laundromat with my siblings, so we went to a sales presentation for Electrolux. They make high quality, modern washers and dryers. When I walked in to Belmont Eco Laundry and saw that they used Electrolux machines, I instantly knew this would be a great laundromat.

The place is clean, tidy and never really busy so plenty of open washers/dryers to use. I saw a worker wiping down the machines for an hour as I waited for some laundry. They must value cleanliness here obviously.

Love the fact that your can get a text when your load is done if you have to leave. Plus, free Wi-Fi and a nice counter the window with bar stools to sit at. There are some food carts a few blocks away if you want nosh on something while waiting.

Mar C.

Tigard, OR



I’ve been going here for about 2 years. It’s always really clean and I see an employee cleaning machines constantly.

Beth C.

Portland, OR



It’s clean, it’s affordable, the machines are brand new, the sanitizing rinse removes any obnoxious perfume smells from the wash before, and you can be in and out in exactly an hour no matter how much dirty laundry you have.

Where this place really shines, though, is the customer service. I’ve been to a few laundromats around town, and all of them have had issues with their card machines, including this one — but the difference is that here the owner was instantly at my side to help, and after a few failed attempts to fix the issue he just comped me the wash. It’s a little thing, but that kind of generosity and customer support makes all the difference.

TheBeesKnee S.

Portland, OR



Wow, this laundromat is SO CLEAN. The machines work really well because they are so new, and very fast. There always seems to be an employee there to help you if you need it.


Portland, OR



This place is a very well run business.
Very clean, never an issue with machines, and the staff is great.

Darren A.

Portland, OR



 I do my laundry here when my friend laundry Joe doesn’t let me use his washer and dryer. This place is always very clean and staff is friendly. They have free wifi which is great! Only recommendation I have are about the chairs. They squeak and they’re noisy!

Kristine R.

Tucson, AZ



Am I really writing a five-star laundromat review? I am. I have a washer at home, but it’s not large enough to handle blankets, and the ones it can handle take hours to dry. Did you know there’s such thing as a 75 pound washing machine? That’s an estimated six baskets. In one machine. It takes $7.75 to wash, but when you factor in how much you’d likely spend on individual loads, the price is fair. I did one massive load, and one small one. The small one dried in six minutes. Really. It took 18 minutes to dry the massive load. Laundromats used to be a thing where you brought several books to read and left after a few hours, wondering where the day went. I was back home an hour after I left. Amazing.

Amanda S.

Portland, OR



Ok, so this place really does rock…& so does their other location on Belmont. I’ve had some really bad laundromat experiences in my life, with crappy / broken machines, rude service, no one even available 4 service, etc. in the past, but not this place (or their other 1 on SE Belmont). These guys have AMAZING, high-quality, new machines ranging from a small load to being able 2 fit 3 BIG comforters, PLUS a few loads of other mixed laundry…(dryers ranging from the same), & the washers AND the dryers are FAST.. WAY better than most other places, & work excellent. Every time I’ve come here, the staff have been amazingly friendly. Plenty of folding space, rolling carts, the place is clean, has a clean restroom, the Change machine works great 2, & you can buy soap, softener, bags, etc. if u need 2….& they even let me bring my friendly dog inside!! So that just makes them even cooler, If you’re a weird/miserable/unhappy person who likes bad machines, & hates animals, then this place is not for you. 😉

La R.

Portland, OR



Just great! We are bike touring from L.A. to Alaska and stopped by in Portland. We were glad to find this super clean laundry! The manager was extremely helpful and friendly. Highly recommended.

Philipp S.

San Francisco, CA



Super fancy fast machines with the nicest people there to help you if you need it.  My washer broke and for two weeks I came here with my one year old.  Each visit was quick and painless.  Local business who is nailing it.  Thank you for being part of the neighborhood!

A S.

Portland, OR



Definitely prefer this place over my apartment laundry room. Came here because my apartment laundry machines were all taken and I needed to do laundry ASAP. Glad I found this place.

This place is super clean!! They are very helpful and friendly. Some of the machines take credit/debit cards.

Amber B.

San Diego, CA



I used to go to the original location over on Belmont, but since the folks that own that shop took over the Hawthorne location, I’ve started coming here.  I understand it’s been cleaned up quite a bit.  Check out the clock on the wall for a demo of what years of smoke will do (ew).

The staff is friendly & helpful.  The owners are great & walk around talking to the customers, too.

It costs about half again as much as doing my laundry at my apartment complex – $10.50 or so vs $7.50 – but because the washers at Belmont are higher-capacity, it takes me a lot less time.  Plus my clothes get cleaner.

The machines also have this excellent “Sanitize” function.  It’s a really hot, fast cycle that flushes out any soap left behind by the previous user.  Just shut the door, turn the knob one click to the left, & hit start.  It’s free, and a real boon to those of us to have problems with scented soaps.

gabrielle r.



Great facility. Easy to use, clean and gets the job done. The attendant was also very friendly and helpful.
Macelle D.

Portland, OR



This has got to be the cleanest laundry mat I have been to! We needed to stop in on our honeymoon adventures for a couple quick washes. Kat was super helpful and friendly. Her service went above and beyond what we would have ever expected to get at any laundry mat. If we are ever in the area again, we will certainly be coming here to say hi to Kat!!

Katie H.

Chandler, AZ



Let’s face it, unless you have someone to do it for you, laundry sucks. It even sucks more if you don’t have laundry facilities and have to go out in the world to get it done. It’s long, painful, awkward, and annoying. I decided to check on Yelp for the least painful option available, and this came up.

When you get there, from the outside it doesn’t look like anything special. Once you’re inside though, it’s really impressive. They have a vast number of washers/dryers for you, AND in different sizes. Got a big load? Cool. Small load? No problem.

The directions are displayed at the top, on the machines, and in case that doesn’t help, there’s staff there as well at certain hours. You can sanitize your washer first if you want. Then select the what type of wash you want and the amount is displayed on the screen. You can pay either in cash (and there’s a change machine for you so you don’t have to scrummage for quarters) or use their loyalty card. Put your clothes in, add your detergent and fabric softeners in the slots, and go! You can also select to have the system text you when it’s done.

Overall, this place is awesome. Clean facilities, nice people, and even stacks of magazines and books for you to enjoy. Check out the neighborhood board for upcoming events/activities. It’s nice to know that in a dirty world, this place makes cleaning enjoyable.

  Kemi A.

Portland, OR



All machines accept cards (last time I was at Belmont, most but not all did). Very clean inside, lots of books to read, free wifi, Mercury rack to browse the current issue, a few parking spots, right between Safeway and a convenience store, and a bus stop outside. Oh and a bathroom and benches/stools to sit and wait on. Machines text you when laundry is done, I don’t know what else I could ask for. A little pricier than other stops, but they hit everything right on so worth it for me. Go on a weekend, put your laundry in and have a pint at Claudia’s until the machine texts you.

Chris G.

Portland, OR



I have frequented the Belmont location for many years, as I have comforters that are too bulky for my home machine. I love the ease of the credit/debit machines (seriously, I cross over from downtown for this), the cleanliness of the store, the very friendly owners and staff and the overall feeling of safety and community (both locations are very “neighborhoody”). The new Hawthorne location is, for me, an even greater improve my on the Belmont branch, as it is closer to my home and has newer faster equipment (I’ve noticed this; I dry large duvets and many towels, and am always done and folded in 50 minutes or less). Again, the employees are sweet, the owners are present (and they are really nice people); it’s calm and efficient. Seriously, A++++ !

Ericka M.

Portland, OR



New customer today. Have to agree with the reviews. This is by far the cleanest laundry mat I have ever been to! Decided to try this place out given my apartment complex washer and dryer were close to giving out. Great place and super friendly environment. Will definitely be back.
Stephanie P.

Portland, OR



What a great place. What nice people.

Of course I was whistling as I folded. Why wouldn’t I.

Great equipment, clean to a fair thee well.

Satisfaction aces!

  Ed S.

Oak Forest, IL



Super friendly and helpful, large machines, very clean!

A little on the pricey side.

Lots of space to wait and or fold.

Erin E.

Portland, OR



Pros: A+ customer service, the washing machines can text you when they’re done,  Free wifi and super clean.
Cons: Slightly overpriced.

I’m glad this placed opened up because this neighborhood has a shortage of laundromats.

John L.

Portland, OR



Best Eco Friendly laundromat in Portland. Love the layout and card readers makes life a little easer.

JMaia F.

Portland, OR



Was pretty stoked to see that there’s a location on Hawthorne, too. It’s way closer to my apartment, and it looks like all of the machines take cards, so I don’t have to goof with quarters.

Levi G.

Boise, ID


Belmont Eco Laundry has another location on Hawthorne! It’s closer to our apartment and has convenient parking. The laundromat is clean and organized and most washers accept debit/credit. Quick wash and dry times (about 15-17 mins to wash and 18-20mins to dry) and large spaces for folding laundry make laundry day fast and easy. The staff is also so friendly and helpful, you’ve got to check this place out!!

Sarah S.

Portland, OR


Went here while moving & until washer & dryer ordered. Soooo clean!! The lady who runs the place was friendly and very helpful once she realized we didn’t have a clue what we were doing in a laundromat. Highly recommend

Laurie M.

Portland, OR

1/4/2016 Updated review

Belmont Eco Laundry has a new location on Hawthorne that is much closer to my apartment. Super clean and efficient machines and most if not all have credit card scanners. A+

Not as many parking spaces at the Hawthorne location though.

William C.

Portland, OR


Clean, fast and efficient machines, reasonably priced and free wifi! Makes laundry day pleasant!

Janie J.

Portland, OR



This place is now Belmont Eco Laundry. It’s clean, modern and has friendly people working here. I’ve never been in a laundromat this nice before. Everything looks brand new. Very cute!

Kimberly R.

Los Angeles, CA



Best customer service experience I’ve had in a very long time. Anywhere. I messed up their machine and they fixed it, with a smile, and helped me recover my clothes from the disaster I created. Then thanked me for MY patience! Really good people here. And a nice, clean, fast and affordable laundromat.

Morien W.

Austin, TX


Very clean ! Staff help is available. Half of the wash machines take debt cards other half cash.
The machines alert you via text when finished.
Only came to wash king comforter

Diana G.

Portland, OR


Yay!  I needed to wish some bulky bedding and was thrilled to fine this place.  Huge machines that take credit cards and will text she my stuff is done – though actually I chose to hang out.  Though the place was busy, I had no wait.

Leslie J.

Portland, OR


I skip my apartment washers because they top load and have a central column that has ruined straps and ties more than once. I skip the local laundry which has roughly 10 machines and one or two typically broken. I SPOIL myself by driving to Eco Wash and bringing my laptop for the free Wi-Fi.
The staff is always friendly and will break a $20 in any way I ask. The machines are always clean and working. These guys hit the minimum for being a good wash-mat and then they go beyond.
Card swiping machines, nice books and magazines, and drier balls for sharing. Even their bulletin boards are well organized!

Liana A.

Portland, OR


Great overall experience. First time using a laundromat and the owners were very helpful. State of the art technology equipment. We did 5 loads of laundry within one hour. The dryers are more gentle on clothes so they last longer. Two thumbs up for Belmont Eco Laundry!

Andy B.

Beaumont – Wilshire, Portland, OR


Always clean- fast, super efficient washers and dryers. The owners are incredibly sweet and so is the staff that works for them. We lived in the area for 2 years and used them, we recently moved all the way across town in SW and continue to bring our laundry over here. We love Belmont Eco laundry!

Tess B.

San Francisco, CA


Clean, friendly, super fast and eco friendly. The use of cards to pay at the units was a real plus.

Haley W.

Oakland, CA


Amazingly clean and well set up laundry. At the time of writing this we paid $3 per load for washing and it was front loader so really thorough. You can also add extra wash time for dirtier clothes and an extra rinse (both cost 25 cents more). Highly recommend.


Been camping for seven days with my kids and wife  all the way from San Francisco. My kid wet his sleeping bag and the rest of our clothing seriously dirty. This place is amazing huge machines got everything done in 50 minutes.

Miami, FL

This place is amazing. Very kind staff who walked me through how to use these high-tech machines during my first visit. You can get a text when your laundry is done! Brilliant. Quick wash option is a major plus! Also, you can use a debit or credit card for your laundry!! What now? There’s still an old school change machine if you want to use cash. You can bring your own detergent (which I forgot) or buy a single detergent with quarters for $1.

This place is clean and bright and has so many machines. The machines are organized by weight, which is helpful (18 lb, 45 lb., 60lb) – there are options for a quick wash, cold, warm and hot cycles and a delicate wash option -which is rare at a laundromat.

Belmont Eco-Laundry has redefined what a laundromat can be. No more sad, dimly lit, dated laundromats for me. In my opinion, there is no other option.

Melanie J.

Portland, OR

Friendly staff, well maintained machines, and clean clothes with no hassles. That’s what it’s all about, right?

San Antonio, TX



Wonderful customer service. The owners are extremely friendly, helpful, and kind. Prices are also responsible. The only place I go to do laundry. I would recommend to any and all who are looking for a good, clean laundromat experience.

 Bill E.

Portland, OR



If you have to use a laundromat this is the one to use. Clean, friendly and great machines. Wi-fi and debt card machines are a plus.

Kevin W.

Paradise, CA



One of the better coin-op laundry locations I have been to.  No one (OK, there is probably SOME weirdo out there) likes doing laundry but it is great when it is done and everything is clean.  The finer points…

Many washers and dryers of different sizes.
Large load washers and dryers available.
Coin-op or card.
SUPER friendly staff but not in an annoying way.
Clean and well kept.
There is a restroom.
There is a convenience store next-door.
Other patrons were polite and clean.
Parking is close to the front door.

When I need to wash my comforters and blankets these are pretty much the larger points I am looking for so I’m a happy camper at Belmont Eco Laundry.

DivingButterfly K.

Portland, OR



First off, nobody likes having to make a whole lot of small talk while washing their underwear, or eye contact while waiting for the machine you need to be emptied. That said, it seems like the people in this neighborhood are of the same mind, and the attendant is sweet but not the type to linger.

The machines have any setting you might need. Should you so choose, the attendant can show you how to make the washing machine text you when your load is done. If only they had that in nopo, cause the vultures scavenging your clothes are real. There’s few shady people in this area though. And frankly, I hate texting… Even if it’s a text from a machine.

The facility is so clean, and the music is right up my ally. They play jazz and blues! If that’s not to your liking, then slap on some headphones and freeload that sweet, sweet free wifi.

Summer B.

Portland, OR



My clothes have never been so clean before in my laundromat life. They don’t have a musty after scent. They just smell and feel clean. The staff are so friendly and very helpful. I don’t mind driving clear across town to wash my clothes here.

Patrice M.

Portland, OR



this laundromat pretty much ROCKS! it’s always clean and the owners and staff are always super friendly and helpful.

i moved to portland a couple of years ago and dreaded finding a laundromat to use. a couple of friends recommended this place and i’ve been a loyal customer ever since.

(doing laundry sucks but this place helps to ease the pain)

Randy S

Portland, OR



Super laundromat! And who says that about a doing a chore? The machines are clean, plentiful, and efficient. The staff and owners are helpful and nice, they even hand out doggy treats to my dog who was nervous about the loud laundry machines. One staff person went the extra distance and fished out a detergent lid that fell behind the machines. It was kinda dirty and gross back there, yet she crawled in and retrieved the lid without complaint. Thank you Belmont Ecolaundry, you make my weekly chore simple and speedy.

Sam W.

Portland, OR



Belmont Eco Laundromat is my favorite place to do multiple loads of laundry in town. Not only do they have clean facilities, you can pay for laundry by card.  The couple who owns the place always seem to be around in case there are any issues with the machines. Free wifi and a bathroom! I will always gladly drive the extra miles to come to this laundromat rather than the creepy one by my house. Oh and just to add the cherry on top, the machines will text you to let you know when your machine is done!

Christina S.

Portland, OR



Place is great! Always clean, machines never break down and everyone who works there is super nice. A couple of the units also take credit card which is great for when you don’t have any cash on you.

Maxime R.

Portland, OR



Went here because I needed to dry some clothes in preparation to head to Seattle. Clean place, friendly staff that are easily approachable. I’ll be back when I’m in the area.

Carlos A.

Long Beach, CA



Clean, non sketchy, place with nicer newer machines.  Parking lot available. The owner and employees were on site and helpful.

Mitch L.

Fairfield, CA



Clean facility, plenty of machines big and small, and the team is very helpful. Best way to do a bunch of laundry FAST.

Eric S.

Madison, WI



Very clean. Attentive management. When my clothes were a little drippy after the spin cycle management gave me a free re-rinse and spin just to make sure I was totally happy.

Grace T.

Portland, OR



I go to this laundry mat weekly and the people who operate it are great. The business is always clean and all of the people who work there are so friendly and helpful.
I can’t imagine another laundry facility in town that takes the care that these folks do. I live a few blocks from a different laundry mat but drive a couple of miles out of my way because this one feels so great. Also, the laundry is done if half the time of a regular laundry mat. They also have machines that take cards so you don’t have to carry around as many quarters. I really recommend this place, even if you have a washer dryer at home. Nothing like getting an entire household of laundry done in under an hour.
Thanks to these great folks for making a daunting chore so easy!!!

Shelly R.

Portland, OR


A true gem.

Husband and I had a ton of laundry to do. We googled laundromats in PDX and found Belmont Eco Laundry.

This place is amazing. –Sounds weird, I know, to say a laundromat is amazing. But IT IS Awesome.

Clean, spacious, fantastic service, and a generally pleasant ‘vibe’. –I mean who wants to do their laundry, let alone in a laundromat, right?

They have coin or card option washers and dryers, southern facing windows which provide amazing, welcoming light, and there is enough seating (not uncomfortable) that no one had to stand and wait. -Did I mention that they have numerous, large folding areas/counters? And good sized, clean, modern rolling laundry baskets to carry your stuff from the washer to the dryer.

All of the equipment is new, clean, and eco-friendly.

I could keep raving, but why read a rave review when you can just go there and see the awesomeness for yourself. And wash your bedding too

Oh–and they have varying sized washers and dryers that can accommodate basically any sort of cloth-item in need of cleaning.

Leslie And Nat S.

Portland, OR


Doing laundry sucks. Its a chore, right? But Belmont Eco Laundry makes it all better.

The building in which I live has a coin-op washer and dryer on-site. I could spend all day doing laundry here at home, or I could go to the clean, brightly lit facilities of Belmont Eco. What would normally take me 4-5 hours to complete at home takes me 1.5 hours at this laundromat.

I’ve met and spoken with the owners on a couple of occasions, and they are genuinely nice, helpful people. The people they hire to tidy up are also very kind.

The place is usually busy when I go during evenings or weekends, but I’ve never had to wait longer than 3 minutes for a washer or 10 for a dryer because the machines are so fast.

Bonus: they have a bunch of washers and several dryers that take credit cards, so I don’t have to be weighed down by quarters. If you prefer to use cash, they have a change machine, as well.

I highly recommend this laundromat. The only thing I might change is adding more dryers that allow you to pay with a credit card.

Celina F.

Seaside, OR


1 check-in

Wow, this place is nice! Super clean, front load washers with digital settings. We came here because of the yelp ratings and we’ll be back.

Tine G.

Portland, OR



Different sizes of washers and dryers going up to 75lbs. Some washers take cards, however the technology is a little flukey; expect, possibly, to have to scan your card more than once or to seek the attendant on duty to reset the card reader. Dryers only take quarters and the change machine accepts bills up to $20. Offers prepackaged laundry soap for sale. Don’t remember if they also carry dryer sheets, but there’s plenty of counter space to fold clothes. BE WARY of going on a Sunday afternoon like I just did; forgetting Sunday is basically international wash day, securing washers/dryers was a bit of a mad dash.
The attendant on duty was very helpful and considerate– assisted with keeping the flow going by removing forgotten clothes so others could start theirs. Next door is a convenience store with an ATM if you’ve forgotten $$$ Oh, and there’s a tamale guy that pops in occasionally.

Elizabeth H.

Portland, OR


This is by far the fastest laundry mat I have ever been to! And friendly service. Free wi-fi. It’s amazing here and I love it

Angela B.

Camas, WA



The Cadillac of Laundromats.

I lived in an apartment for several months down the road, with wimpy washers and dryers. Alas, glowing in the distance, was the Belmont Eco Laundry. “Shit, I forgot coins!” you say. Never fear–there are debit/credit card readers on several machines. Magic.

The machines might seem a little spendy, but getting a whole load done in 25 minutes, and paying as you go in 25 cent increments on the dryers, it’s all worth it. I would usually get three separate loads of laundry done in an hour.

Mozey W.

Portland, OR



What amazing customer service!  The staff and owners are incredibly friendly and helpful, offering to help me remove a stain that remained in my comforter after my first wash, the re-rinse it for free!

My was first laundromat experience in a long while, but it was a great one!

Amy E.

Portland, OR



Large machines that take cards, friendly staff, and clean facilities always bring me back to Belmont Eco Laundry!

Samantha B.

Hillsboro, OR



Absolutely the best Laundromat in PDX. It is always clean and the staff is super friendly and helpful. You can get a ton of laundry done so quickly. There are a lot of baskets to help move your clothes from washer to dryer, and from dryer to the many folding tables they provide.

You can pay by coin or card which is really convenient. There’s also a change machine if you have cash. Plus they have free wifi, so it makes the short wait time while your clothes are cleaning feel even shorter. And you can have the machine send you a text when your clothes are finished so that you can walk to the nearby food carts in the meantime!

I have laundry facilities in my building but after coming here, I can’t do laundry anywhere else!

Tip: Your clothes will dry super fast, so start with like 75 cents and then you can add more only if you need it.

Kelsey K.

Portland, OR

1/ 9/2015

I am so impressed with Belmont Eco Laundry…..everything about it. IN FACT!…I have a washer and dryer where I live…AND I STILL PAY to do my laundry here! I have found the customer service to be outstanding here…not that I ever need to solicit their help as everything here functions so beautifully and is so well~maintained that I am only shooting the shit with them as they are now very familiar faces to me! I HIGHLY recommend this place….if you have to do your laundry….this is the way to go….the convenience store that is attached sells booze…so….if you are going to be there for a while…there is booze RIGHT NEXT DOOR!….however….you won’t be there for long….the machines are super~sonic…and they get shit done….you can be out of there within the hour..

Kimberly L.

Portland, OR



Awesome place. I just live a few doors down from here and own a washer/dryer. But every few months I need to wash the couch cover, comforter, or sleeping bags, and this is the place to go. They have 3x sized washers that can handle the weight. Or just put all washed loads in one big-ass dryer for convenience.

Jim C.

Portland, OR



1 check-in

First time doing laundry in a laundromat…ever (I am 43). Place was clean bright. Restroom, plenty of folding areas and carts. Machines were quiet and fast. Will be smart next time and bring my laptop to get some work done.

Michael G.

Portland, OR



AWESOME place!   We are rehabbing a house and I’d been without laundry facilities and had been putting off doing laundry because every laundry place I’ve ever been to was just nasty and dirty.  NOT SO with this this place!  I scoped out the reviews on Yelp and other sites and they were all positive. So I decided to drive to this place (it’s about 7 miles from where I live) and it was definitely worth the drive.  The place is immaculate, the machines are top notch, the owners are SUPER helpful and indeed, you can be in and out in one hour.   I messed up on how to use the washers and the owners helped me get it all straightened out so my clothes turned out great.  I can unconditionally recommend this place to even the pickiest people – you won’t be disappointed!

Di M.

Portland, OR



The cleanest & nicest laundromat in the city. The attendant is always busy wiping the machines down and sweeping up. Large machines that take coins or debit cards and will text you when your laundry is done! Haven’t been to another laundromat that’s this well-maintained. Great food cart pod just a couple blocks down the street. Great location

Steve S.

Portland, OR


This is the cleanest nicest laundromat I have ever been to. There is always friendly helpful staff on hand to help if you need help or just to keep the machines turning over. There is also a coffee shop just down the street “red square”. WiFi works good enough. While your getting coffee the laundry machines have a feature that can text you when your laundry is almost done.

Jeremy M.

Portland, OR


staff is helpful, machines are clean, and bonus: wash time is only about 30 minutes and dry time is 25cents per 5-7 minutes. efficient!

Whitney H.

Mesa, AZ


Been going here a couple years, the management is amazingly friendly and helpful, the machines are new, fast, and the best and you can literally be in and out of here in one hour. Welcome to 2014!

Shanghai P.

Portland, OR


I haven’t even used these guys, yet, but am so impressed with their customer service already, that I feel compelled to leave a review. I’ll update once I’ve been a customer.

I have been looking for a trustworthy, clean, eco-conscious cleaner for some time. We manage properties, and have a grip of laundry to do with each “flip”. It wasn’t so bad when we only had a couple properties, but as we build our business, the laundry has become the biggest conundrum as far as how to flip each bedroom efficiently, without spending eight hours at one home.

So I’ve called multiple places searching for a company who:

* Uses all-natural, unscented, eco-conscious detergent
* Can bill and charge me on a monthly schedule
* Delivers
* Charges an economical corporate rate

My search was leaving frustrating and entering irritating today until I called Belmont Eco Laundry. For some reason, due to their five-star reviews and the word “Eco” on their name, I didn’t think I would be able to afford them. But on a whim I decided to call them, and man, I’m so glad I did.

I happened to get the owner, Connie, on the phone, and she blew my socks off with her willingness to work with me and discuss my needs. If I could give her 10 stars, you can bet your booty I would; she’s truly a gem.

And to top it off, they offer each of the bullet points I’m looking for, and at an economical price. I never seek out the cheapest place (I found some of those on 82nd – no thank you), but seek a fair price for good work. So far, after my discussion with Connie, I’m confident this is what I’ll be receiving at Belmont Eco-Laundry.

Thank you, Connie! I’m excited to work with you!

Mel H.

Portland, OR



Most high-tech laundromat I’ve ever been to!  This place is awesome…and while it is expectedly busy on a Sunday afternoon, there were still plenty of washers and dryers available.  The washer I used even had a PayPass on it, so I just waved my credit card in front of the device and off I went.  The screen even displays a number for you to put into your phone if you would like to venture elsewhere and receive a text notifying you that your laundry is done!  The staff on duty the day I came here was a great help…I think he knew I was completely overwhelmed with all of the options when I walked in and had that look on my face.  He suggested to me which size washer and dryer to use for the amount AND type of laundry I was doing (blankets, quilts, and sleeping bags) and even insisted that I put some tennis balls in the dryer because I had a down sleeping bag…he put a whole slew of 10 balls in there for me.

Overall great experience. These folks know their laundry and are extremely helpful if you don’t know what you’re doing when confronted with a world of techy washing machines.

Maureen L.

Portland, OR



First time here and also the first time I’ve ever used a laundromat.  I went on a sunday, it was busy but not crowded. It was eady to get a machine.The gentleman working there was very friendly and walked me through each step.
They have credit card washing machines and dryers as well as the cash ones. The machines will actually text you when you have 10 minutes left. This makes it easy to go get lunch or run other errands.
Very clean and modern atmosphere. . Qiet and friendly!! I would totally recommend comming here!

Ashley I.

Portland, OR


I’m new to town and saw the good reviews so I went and couldn’t be happier that I did. I met the owners and they were the nicest, most helpful people (they even donate unclaimed clothing to charity). Connie even went out of her way to give me some brochures about the Belmont area and nearby sustainable businesses. All throughout the day I kept thinking about how nice they were. What a great first impression!

Julie P.

Warner Robins, GA



Once again, I find myself on a Saturday night on the road doing laundry.  This time, though it’s in a super clean place with nice people, Wi-Fi and machines that will text you when they’re done.  Yes I am excited.

Special hint: Bill changer machine on the right side is less picky; bring extra quarters for cold wash.

Steve S.

Phoenix, AZ



Had to do laundry while visiting Portland and was in and out in an hour. Takes credit cards and the employees were very helpful. Machines are newer and worked well. None were out of order.

Jay M.

Cedar Falls, IA


I have my own washer and dryer now but I actually miss this place! What more can I say? Clean facility, friendly owners, nice neighborhood and the machines can send you a text msg when your clothes are ready!!

My machines don’t do that. 🙁

Mercedes S.

Portland, OR


I’ve been going here for over a year and can’t say better things about it. The owners are just the nicest and are incredibly accommodating. Machines are always clean and working! Good job.

Amanda B.

Portland, OR



Love this place!  Drove all the way from Tigard, because it’s clean, the owners are on-site, you can use debit, and they have excellent machines.

Becky C.

Portland, OR



So clean. So many OPTIONS.. any size, time, special cycles for washing as well as drying.. AND… EACH MACHINE ACCEPTS CARDS.. as well as TEXTING notification option to alert you that the wash cycle has completed..

have less than an hour??? not a problem.. wash/dry & out for cocktails by 10pm..

Angelique A.

Portland, OR



I’ve been using this place since I moved into this neighborhood a few years back. Super nice people and very clean/fast machines. It’s open pretty late and that is always nice. Jaes next door is pretty cool if you want to drink a cold pop while waiting for your duds to get suds.
I highly recommend this place, however I wish fewer people went to it. The secret is out!

Jack D.

Portland, OR



We went here yesterday to wash our sleeping bags. This was by far the nicest and cleanest laundromat I’ve ever been in. The owner was extremely helpful in giving us information on the best way to wash and dry our down bags. Machines were new, clean and efficient (and it’s so nice being at a laundromat that lets you use your credit/debit card instead of having to get quarters! There are also quarter machines for those who prefer using cash). We’ll definitely be back.

Patricia B.

Portland, OR



There is a washer and dryer in my building but it would take about 3.5 hours and $9 to do the same amount of laundry in
the 1 hour and $10 it took here. Plus fewer trips downstairs, no waiting, and most importantly no scary basement. This place is clean and I love that there are various size washers depending on your needs. Plus some take cards. (Make sure you check before you put all your laundry and soap in the washer.)  plus free wifi and a mini mart next door. Virtually painless.

Jennifer A.

Washington, DC



Came here to wash pillows and blankets and loved it. Clean and efficient. I like that you can use your card for the machines. The woman working here was friendly and helpful. I wouldn’t mind having to do laundry here if I didn’t have a washer and dryer at home.

Kelly B.

Portland, OR



Best laundromat ever! The machines are actually new!!! First time I’ve ever seen laundromat machines from later than the 1960s. The high efficiency washers are fast, spin out lots of water to make dry time faster, and have a machine sanitizing setting for free before you load your clothes. The floors, chairs, tables, baskets, and bathroom are clean. The washers are so big and efficient, I can wash several loads together for only 25 minutes. Dry time is also about 25 minutes for the same big load. The washing machines take cards or quarters, which is convenient. Dryers only take quarters, but cost a lot less than the washers. Also, the staff is very friendly and helpful. I’m so glad I just live down the street from Belmont Eco!

Katie R.

Portland, OR



This place understands service. The owners are friendly and were actually on site when we were there. They check in with customers to make sure everything is going smoothly and offer helpful tips about how to get the best bang for your quarters in the dryers. Get this–you can have the washers text you when your load’s almost done. We took advantage of that and walked down the street for a cup of coffee while our giant sleeping bags got super clean. The place was clean, so if you dropped a sock on the floor, you didn’t feel like it needed washing all over again. The washers were very modern and about half of them took cards, which means less need for making change. I hadn’t been to a landromat in awhile, but I was pleasantly surprised by this place. Hightly recommended.

Jason S.

Portland, OR



This place is awesome. Texts when your laundry is done…although not entirely necessary because the wash cycles are so short! Less than an hour and the laundry is done. Plus wifi to boot! Nice place 🙂

Sandi E.

Roseburg, OR



I’m not an expert on laundromats but I’ve never been to one as fantastic as this one.  I have laundry machines in my apartment building but I choose to take everything here.

Here’s why:
-The owners are the nicest people ever. They are frequently there making sure things are in order and chatting with the customers.
-It’s always super clean and the machines are in tip top shape.
-Machines are always available.
-They have a new, fancy sanitize setting that you can select before adding your load to the washer (just turn the nob to the left instead of the right to make the selection). It makes sure the machine is clean and free of any detergent- great if you have allergies or sensitivities.
-If you want a snack while you’re waiting there’s a corner store next door and food carts just down the street.

Bottom line: I’ve been coming here at least twice a month for the last year and have always been a happy customer. I highly recommend!

Cristine B.

Portland, OR



Was really bummed when our dryer broke, but then I found this place close to our house. Very clean, not your typical laundromat. Will definitely come back again if we need to.

Annie H.

Portland, OR



Best laundromat I have been to. Very clean!  You can use credit cards or coins in the machines and the washers can text you when your load is finished.  We took in 4 big sleeping bags and had no problems. They have plenty of large capacity machines. We were in and out within an hour.

Stephanie H.

Portland, OR


This is my laundry spot. Staff is extremely amazing! The place is clean, safe, efficient, and amazingly priced. Don’t you worry if you forgot or ran out of detergent, or if you need to make change. They got you covered! I can wash, dry, and fold four loads of laundry in an hour and fifteen minutes! Stellar!
They told me a lot of their business is from yelp, and I totally believe that because that is how I found this place! Believe me, it is worth a wash 😉
Parking may be limited, but I’ve just waited and went bak at a different time.

Molly M.

Portland, OR


What?! No heroin junkie shooting up in the corner?!

Nanthawat J.

Portland, OR



Best laundromat in Portland. Highly recommended

Tiffani H.

Amarillo, TX


I feel weird giving a laundry spot 5 stars, but this place is perfect for what it does.

The machines are large, and more important – fast, so even if you have a LOT of laundry you can get through it in just over an hour and be on your way (as long as it’s not too busy).

Whenever I’ve seen someone working there, they’ve been very friendly and helpful, and they keep the place spotless.

The prices are decent, the machines tell you when they’re done by text message so you can go get a beer or run errands while you wait, or if you want to sit in there, they have free wi-fi.

Absolutely would recommend this place to anyone!

Tony L.

Portland, OR


Nicest, cleanest laundromat ever with the most friendliest owners! They have huge industrial sized washers & driers which are great for washing bolts of fabrics, something I can’t do with a regular home unit. The place is spic & span clean & lovely!

G R.

Portland, OR


Visiting from San Diego and the last thing I want to be doing on this beautiful sun filled day is laundry, especially at a “laudromat”.  Well what a pleasant surprise!  I was greeted by the nicest employee upon entering this CLEAN, upscale and well maintained establishment.  Their high tech machines will have me out of here in less than an hour.  Great experience, made my vacation chore a cheerful one!

Lori A.

Escondido, CA


Song Choice: Laudromat by Nivea
“Soap, Powder, Bleach, Towels, Fabric Softner, Dollars, Change, Pants, Socks, Dirty Drawers
I’m Going To The Laundromat”

What happened when you take spur of the moment road trips? You don’t pack everything you need. Went hiking without the proper gear and our good clothes, socks and athletic shoes got muddy and wet. Since we had a few more days on this trip I decided to wash clothes and found this place via Yelp.
Well lit, clean facility with Electrolux machines. Did you get that–Electrolux?!?! They were nice and gave you time remaining for your wash and dry. You can even text the number and the info is provided to your cell.
This place takes coins and cards. I was able to use my card to pay for the wash ($2.75) and coins to pay for the dry. Really good part is that I put 1 hr on the dryer but my clothes (medium sized load of jeans, sweats, hoodies, and socks) dried in about 21 minutes!

Teleshia D.

Murrieta, CA


Best laundromat. Card and coin operated machines. Clean facilities especially the bathroom.  I actually just forgot my comforter and called their number yes at 10pm was greeted oh so politely and they are going to hold onto it until i come get there tomorrow. They are making their washers self sanitizing. Best thing is…theres a variety of sized washers AND drying my clothes costs about 50 cents.

Devon M.

Belmont, Portland, OR



This is the best laundromat ever! They have huuuuge capacity machines that are efficient, take credit cards, and text you when they are done- the owners are wandering around making sure you have a cart or help if you need it. So glad I moved to this neighborhood- the laundromat is right across the street from the horse brass! Score!

Olivia B.

Portland, OR


Best laundromat ever! A little on the expensive side but the machines are kept very clean and I’ve never seen one that it is out of order. The whole neighborhood lost power once when I was there. The owner took my phone number and called me when the power went back on (all my laundry was still wet). When I got there, she had added money to my dryer and my clothes was dry! I’ll never go anywhere else! (As long as I’m living in SE)

Sarah A.

Sunnyside, Portland, OR


This is a great place to tackle that ugly laundry chore. Clean machines and no hair/lint nests under the cart wheels. You know what I’m talking about.  Horse Brass is just across the street! 5 stars!

Kirsten W.

Portland, OR


Love this place. Clean, affordable, friendly. Always smells nice. No one weird hounds you. Nice place. Safe too.

Tru P.

Portland, OR


As far as laundromats go, this one seems pretty awesome. A basement renovation project has taken our home washer/dryer out of commission for 3 months, so we now need to wash with the masses. The washers are huge and actually weigh your laundry to determine the appropriate amount of water to use (I guess this the “eco” part?). Most of the machines take credit cards and you can request a text when your load is done. There is a machine size for just about every washing need, even our king-sized comforter. The washers are super fast, as are the dryers. The laundromat is kept very clean and the staff on site is available to help figure out the machines if need be. The bathroom is even immaculate. The clientele here seems to be able to do their laundry in considerate harmony. Patrons promptly remove their finished loads from the machines. Nobody hogs the carts or tables. If you have to go to a laundromat, I can’t imagine it getting much better than this. Unless you’re going to give me a free chair massage while I wait for my laundry.

Ashley G.

Portland, OR


I hate hate hate going to do laundry but this place makes it better.  It’s super clean,  has great prices,  fast,  friendly staff,  and the machines even text you when they are done!

Ashley T.

Portland, OR


Went here during a road trip while passing through Oregon. Came because they had amazing reviews and was glad I did. The owners of the place (I think they were the owners at least) were super kind and helpful! They really made the experience easy and pleasurable. The machines are super fast and can hold a ton of laundry.

Crista C.

North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA



It’s a laundry mat.  Nothing is great about a laundry mat, but still I like this place.  You can wash a lot of clothes really fast.  It takes about 17 minutes to wash and 30 minutes to dry.  The machines have the ability to text you when the load is done, so I just stayed put.  Kudos for a high end environmentally friendly laundry mat.  I actually want to come here more than once.

Cassandra A.

Lawrence, KS




Wowzahs! I don’t hit up laundromats often as we have our own washer and dryer, but I needed to today and found this one to be like no other laundromat I’ve used!

Large washers available for large loads (and they have a variety of size washers), they take credit cards, have staff that welcome you and direct traffic when it’s insanely busy (like today), washers wash fast and dryers dry quickly, and everything seems to be in working order.  Surprise and delight!

I’ll definitely be back when it’s time for the industrial washer/dryers.

Kristin D.

Portland, OR


This is probably the BEST laundromat in the Universe!

We don’t use laundromats often since we have a washer and dryer.

Thanks to my fellow Yelpers for recommending the Belmont Eco Laundry.
We are at the end of our PDX visit  (sigh) and didn’t want to pack dirty laundry.

A big five stars.


Working coin machines-CHECK

Working laundry/softener/bleach dispenser (including eco friendly detergent
(liquid or powder)  CHECK

Fancy high speed washers ($2.25 for an 18 load machine) CHECK

There were also several other machine with smaller and larger load machines

All the washers seem to be working (I’ve never seen that before in any laundromat we’ve been to!)  CHECK!

The washers did a completely thorough job of cleaning in less than 20 minutes–
I wasn’t keeping track of the time but it was quick!  CHECK!

There is an ample  amount of dryers.  25 cents for seven minutes.
Our dryer with the whites was done in less than 20 minutes and the dryer with our dark clothes was done in 25 minutes.  The heat was enough to dry the clothes without being flaming hot like most laundromats.CHECK!

The carts are stainless steel with a slim sleek design so they are both roomy and maneuverable–CHECK!

There is a clean bathroom that is OPEN for the patrons!  CHECK!

There are several chairs and tables–CHECK!

There are magazines, books and a basket of kids’ books!!!  CHECK!

There is a parking lot for customers!  CHECK!

There is a convenience store next door in case you need snacks or drinks
(yup–guilty–I did buy some refreshments here)    CHECK!

Loads of other features available from reading the other reviews!

Crazy perfect laundromat bliss!

Don’t know if there is any laundromat in the SF Bay area that comes close to
this one.

Thanks again fellow Yelp buds for recommending Belmont Eco Laundry!

Rinky N.

East Bay


This is a great place to wash laundry! The place is clean, the card readers on the macines are convenient, and the washing machines text you when they are done! There is evena mini mart next door if you get peckish. There was not a huge crowd here, so no waiting. Plenty ofspace to fold before you leave. The washers and dryers are so speedy, too!

Tasha M.

Portland, OR


I recently moved to Portland with no washer/dryer and an enormous amount of laundry, and I dreaded the thought of spending hours at a laundromat. Thanks to Yelp, I discovered Belmont Eco Laundry. It was a bit further than one normally drives to do laundry, but I’m glad we did. We arrived with a very large load (like a 30 gal trashbag full and then some), and thought we needed a 60lb washer. The guy working there was very helpful and told us we could cram it all into a 45lb. Even though it looked full, he assured us it would work and it would be cheaper. So, we paid the $5.25 and I texted the washing machine for alerts. We went next door and in about 10 min, the machine texted me that it would be done in 10 minutes! I have never been so excited to get a text from a robot.

By the time we went back in, the laundry was done and we went over to the dryer. The dryer didn’t seem as hi tech, but it still worked pretty quickly. It was $0.25 for 6 minutes and we only needed about 24 minutes to dry the large load.

The whole process cost us $6.25 and took less than an hour. The price seemed high at first, but when you consider that we essentially did 4 normal loads in less than an hour, we did pretty good. I will definitely be coming back here!

Seema F.

Portland, OR


So this is probably the cleanest most ultramodern laundromat I’ve ever been in. The machines are brand new Electrolux. They’re efficient and they’re fast and you can be in and out of this place in no time. Having to go to the laundromat every week is a thought that I can no longer bear in my life. I haven’t even been in one for about 30 years. If I can’t wash my clothes in my own home, then I’m not ever going to want to do them. Such drudgery. It’s bad enough that I have to do them anyway let alone schlepping them to a coin-op every week. Hell with that.

Had a big job that couldn’t be done at home. This place came through for me with flying colors.

Tom M.

Portland, OR



It’s a laundromat… with tech. Free wifi and Text Message notification service for the washers.

John L.

Portland, OR


This is the best laundry I have ever been to.  The owners are extremely nice and are willing to explain how to use the machines to get the best wash for your money.  I accidentally swiped my credit card for the wrong machine and they graciously returned my money.  The machines are awesome and removed stains that I thought I would never get out. Will definitely be back.

Demera H.

Winston-Salem, NC


By far the fastest laundry I have ever done.  Also, I’ve never used a machine that accepts credit cards before.  It was like an act of god.

Adrienne I.

Portland, OR



6/11/2013 1

Let me tell you how much I enjoy doing my laundry here. I enjoy it so much that I go significantly out of my way to do my laundry here.
To give you some perspective, there is a laundromat in my building. Like I could schlep my belongings to the washer in under a minute. I wouldn’t even need to put on shoes. But what do I do instead? I put on shoes, something other than my pajamas, put about 9 loads of laundry into baskets and bags, load them into my car and then DRIVE 10 minutes! That sounds stupid, right? Wrong. And here is why:
I can utilize a 60 pound washer and fit ALL of my laundry in there! The amount of detergent I need is the same as it would be for just one regular size load. The high efficiency washer has ALL of my clothes clean in no more than 35 minutes. And did I mention, the 60 lb. washer costs @ $7.00 (on cold) – $7.00 for 8 loads of laundry!!!  (And I can use my  CREDIT CARD!!) Then, I can wheel my wet clothes over to the high powered dryers where they will be dry and ready for transport in approximately 21 minutes – give or take.
So what have we learned? I just did 8-9 loads of laundry for @ $10 in exactly 1 hour. How do I know that’s awesome? Because when I get home, the people that are at the laundromat in my building have been there since before I left to do mine…and they’re still there…and they’re not done. Oh, and they probably paid @ $20 for the same amount of laundry as me. Basically, I win.
You can win too, just be smart about when you go. You know when laundry day is, people. Save yourself some hassle and guarantee yourself a parking spot by going during off-peak hours.

Amanda W.

Portland, OR 



It’s not the machines, it’s the people. The attendant gathered my wet clothes in a tubby while I tried to squeeze in another errand. Oh the shame. I got to marvel at how she orchestrated dryer availability like a Maître d. If you lose a sock here, it’s because the sock wanted to stay.

Marc F.

Portland, OR



Best laundry mat in Portland. You know how most laundry mats have a good dose of sketchiness? Not this one. Everything is clean, the machines are just not only well maintained, but also great quality. Everything washes so well and quickly. OH! They have card machines on half of their washers and a few of their dryers. This is a huge plus since I never carry cash and hate having to deal with a bunch of quarters falling over the place.

Lora L.

Portland, OR



We moved to Portland 3 months ago from a house with a washer and dryer to an apartment with an old and expensive on-site laundromat.  With two young kids we quickly had to find another option. Belmont Eco Laundry to the rescue! I do one huge load with all our clothes in the 75-pound capacity washer ($8.25) and then use the huge dryer to dry everything (about $1.25).  Not including the folding, it takes only 50 minutes for the machines do do their job.  The laundromat is super clean, and I have only had one technical difficulty which the friendly and efficient owners immediately reimbursed me for.   Close to coffee shops and food carts, if you have time to go over there before the laundry is done!

Raluca W.

Las Vegas, NV



This has quickly become my favorite place to do laundry. Not only is it convenient, but it’s clean and efficient. All of the machines are really new, nice Electrolux and are pretty inexpensive. I can do all my laundry in under 45 minutes, and the machines will even text me when they’re done!
The place is itself is always very clean, with a clean and working restroom, and most of the machines even take credit cards. No frills here – no tv, no arcade games, or vending machines. But I like it that way. Just there to do laundry and not get scabies, thank you very much.

Rob C.

Portland, OR



Yeah, this place is probably more expensive than the average laundromat. However, the washers will text you when they are done and they can fit a huge amount of clothes. And they are fast and so are the dryers. Oh and some of the washers actually take credit cards, but you will still need coins for the dryers.

Celeste P.

Portland, OR



They accept credit cards! Just fill the washer or dryer and swipe your credit card.
It’s nice and clean with large, new machines that are fast. The washer only took 20 minutes and the dryer about 40. The dryers don’t have lint traps but automatically collect it for you. There is plenty of counter space for folding clothes and several rolling baskets for transporting laundry from station to station.
One small pet peeve for shorties like me: I couldn’t see and couldn’t quite reach the top of the machine where the soap goes. I had a taller person assist me but if I was on my own I would have to bring a step stool.

Sarah H.

Portland, OR



SE peeps!  Stop telling everyone about this place!  It’s a little pricey – but if I must choose between an extra $3 or an extra 3 hours in my one-machine shared laundry room, I’ll take the 3 hours.  I’ll also take a cup of coffee from Red Square while I wait to be texted about my finished load.
Seriously… Shush!

Jen S.

Portland, OR



This place is always clean, the prices are standard, the driers dry really fast and the washers have a “quick wash” option. That means you can be in and out of here in about 45 minutes or less. Convenient location, free wi-fi, ample parking in the lot or on the street. And a lot of the machines take debit cards now, which is an extra bonus. All these things combined definitely make doing laundry way less of a hassle.

Jane V.

Portland, OR



I dare not test my own washer’s boundaries with my bulky smelly sleeping bag. Therefore, I trekked to Belmont Eco Laundry with a pocket full of quarters.
Since this is only my second experience using a laundromat, OF COURSE I put my detergent in the fabric softener slot. Of course.
No big deal though, it was super smelly, so I just paid for another wash ($2.25) for 18lbs worth. I used my debit card for this unexpected transaction in fear of running out of quarters for the dryer.
Being it was only my second laundromat visit- and first with card-accepting machines- I kept swiping my card and pressing buttons until it finally started.
This resulted in a pending charge of $14 on my debit card. I was distraught for days, (DAYS!) until the transaction finally went through and only charged me the $2.25 I swiped. Phew! No conflict!
The washers are super fast, maybe ten minutes. A quarter will buy you seven minutes in the dryer
Now, the last time my sleeping bag was washed I had it in for 30 minutes, and ended up returning the next day to continue drying it for another 20-30 mins. This was at a different laundromat, mind you.
At this location, with super nice efficient machines, it only took 20 minutes to be completely dry!
I am a huge fan of Belmont Eco Laundry. I can’t imagine a laundromat getting much better than here.

Sara S.

Portland, OR



Fantastic laundromat. Our apartment building has a washer and dryer but we still make the trip here. We are always blown away by how great Belmont Eco Laundry really is.
Free WiFi, credit card machines and coin machines, 45 minutes for five loads of washing and drying (~$17), wonderfully engaging manager, variety of washer and dryer sizes, and the cleanest laundromat.
‘Nough said?

B L.

Hawthorne, Portland, OR



Belmont Eco Laundry provided fantastic service.
The woman running the place – Connie – was incredibly helpful and patient. I’d never washed a down duvet before and she actually walked me through it step by step. She even let me borrow a bag of tennis balls to fluff it up in the dryer. You just knock on the back left door to talk with her.
Connie was also deep cleaning between helping customers – scrubbing down the wall edging / molding. She really takes care of the place and keeps a great attitude through it all.
The washers send you a text message to let you know when the load’s done, which is really helpful if you want to hang out at the nearby coffee shop or run quick errands. You don’t have to use as much soap and the cycles are quick because it’s eco friendly. You can also use wireless while you wait.

Halley G.

Portland, OR



We just did laundry in a laundromat for the first time after years of having in-house laundry facilities, and I must say Belmont Eco Laundry is easier than doing laundry at home. This laundromat is fabulous: fast washer, faster dryer, spotless facilities, clean bathroom, and chairs to sit on. We were able to complete five loads of laundry in 70 minutes. Woohoo!

Alaina L.

Portland, OR



We’re having work done on our house and that has left us without a washer and dryer! Being the fashionisto that I am, I couldn’t wear my threads from last season. I set out with several baskets of clothes prepared to brave uncharted territory: the laundromat.
The last time I had used community laundry (eek!) was during my freshman year in college. I remember having to stand my ground just to make sure I could use one of the washers. That wasn’t the case a Belmont Eco! While it seemed fairly busy on a Sunday afternoon, there were several washers available to me. All of the washers seem fairly new and have the capability to send you a text alert when the cycle is finished. Just be prepared to unload a ton of quarters. I think I spent around $40 during my trip (I have a lot of clothes).
I must’ve stood out because the attendant (maybe the owner?) came over and explained to me how the dryers operate differently from the washers. Apparently, the dryers run for 7 min. per quarter. I was almost ready to unload $4 into one before she told me I’d be wasting money.
My whole experience here was positive. The crowd wasn’t sketchy and the facility was very clean. I’ve got to make one more trip back before we get our laundry room back and I’ll be washin’ and dryin’ like a pro.
*Tip: Bring your laptop or tablet and take advantage of the free WiFi in the building.

Kevin K.

Portland, OR



Between the broken dryer at my place and a tendency to procrastinate, laundromats have become a recently adopted ritual. Believe it or not, the Laundromat has simplified my life.  I can wash everything at once and then, before I leave, I can fold everything on giant folding tables. It’s super quick and a great way to start and finish all the laundry you can imagine in 90 minutes max.  While I wait, I hammer out some grading or plan my week, or whatever.  I highly recommend laundromats in general.
Visited Belmont Eco Laundry a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly everything finished.  Both cycles were about 20 minutes each!  I folded everything on site, easy as pie!  Saved so much time and completely avoided “laundry day”, and its many trips to and from the laundry room @home.  The place was bright and clean.  There is a restroom.  WiFi. Magazines. Convenient store next door.  Fellow Sunday afternoon patrons were down to business, in and out of there.

Colleen P.

Portland, OR



Nice place, super nice attendant (maybe she was the owner?).  We have our own washer and dryer but sometimes it’s nice to just get it done all at once.  The prices are good.  We did two 18 pound loads and dried for $5.50, but what’s more is it took about 1/2 time of other laundromats so I feel like I saved $10 worth of my time.. so by my calculations I earned $4.50 by doing my laundry here.  The best part was when I dropped clothes on the floor I didn’t feel they needed to be rewashed.

Stacey D.

Portland, OR



Since relocating from Boston I had to re-enter the laundromat world after a 10 year hiatus.
This place is super clean, not full of sketchy people, and I can wash, dry, and fold my entire pile of laundry in less than an hour. Best laundromat I’ve ever been to… but don’t come here. I don’t want it to get too popular 😉

brooke r.

Portland, OR



Best maintained laundromat I’ve ever been in. I’ve never seen a broken machine, a dirty floor, or a linty dryer.
Prices are average. They might seem  high because all the washers are high-capacity front-loaders. These use less water and energy (this is an “eco” laundry after all) but their minimum capacity is about 3 times that of common top-loaders. So, save up your dirty clothes.
(Despite what some other reviewers say, these are not HE washers. Not a good fit for a laundromat, since non-HE detergent can destroy them. They’re still pretty efficient, though.)
I really appreciate how fast the machines are. The dryers in particular work fast — don’t put in too many quarters. I do wish somebody would design a laundromat dryer that did sensor-based drying. But these will do for now.
I had to try the “text me when you’re almost done” feature, just because I’m a technogeek. Cute, but not worth the trouble, since the wash cycle doesn’t last long enough to make it worth ducking out.

Isaac R.

Portland, OR



So we recently moved from the SE 39th area to closer in Portland. Awesome right? Yeah, except the fact that now we have no washer/dryer. Oh the sacrifices one makes. Our apartment building has a single tiny washer and single dryer, totaling $2.50 for what amounts to 4 pairs of pants. That’s not going to cut it!
I searched online for a non-skeevy, clean laundromat with front loaders and my search led me to Belmont Eco Laundry. I pulled up and, yay, looked clean and uncrowded. I suspiciously went inside and was a bit dismayed at the prices but proceeded to get quarters for my $20 bill. When you do laundry for 4 people, including 2 small children, things can get a bit pricey. So I start stuffing my laundry in and I’m wondering how much I *could* put in there versus how much I *should* put in there. Oh hey, look, it’s Connie! She is the sweet-as-pie owner who has just come in. I ask her how much to put in and it turns out I was underfilling my machine and could definitely put more in there. That is awesome, how often do you see a business owner not trying to get you to spend MORE? Let me also point out here that if you lose something (even a baby sock!) it will be there. Connie keeps all lost items!
In short, go to Belmont Eco Laundry, even if it’s a little bit of a drive. You will not be disappointed. There are tons of machines, it’s always fresh and clean, the owners are awesome, there’s Wi-Fi and they’re open until 10pm. I don’t think I will go to any other laundromat, even though there are ones closer to me!

Misty S.

Portland, OR



I just got back from doing 4 loads of laundry.  It looks expensive at first, but  I did my 4 loads in 2 washers and 2 dryers.  It cost me about $8  and I was done in about an hour.  In the machine  at my apt. bldg., I can only do 1 load at a time, it costs $2.50 to wash and dry a load, I can only do 1 at a time AND I have to go up and down alot of stairs. Not a god deal, especially when there’s lots of laundry to do. Also, the place is clean, the machines work and there are decent magazines to read.  I’m definitely going back there.

Janie S.

Portland, OR



Nice, clean, quiet

Lisa A.

Portland, OR



this is the best place I have found in Portland.

ursula l.

Portland, OR



I love love love this place! If you have to go to a laundry mat. I have crummy apartment laundry room one washer and one dryer that takes 3 times through to get an average load dry. I will go to Belmont Eco any day. And now they are open till 10pm!!!  I never knew a laundry mat could be so clean, fast, and nice. To anyone who gripes about the price, you save time and money on the dryers, I can get 4 large loads dry in 2 dryers for 1.00, and the whole thing is a little over an hour.

Brandi P.

Portland, OR



Nice place! Clean, well lit, and cared for. New machines, free wifi, and you can opt to have the machine text you when your laundry is done. The owners are very friendly as well.

Lily C.

Portland, OR



Amazing Place.  Yes, a laundromat is an amazing place.
I went in to the, at the time unfamiliar, laundromat to clean sleeping bags expecting, as usual, to need to dodge coughs from TB ravaged laundromat patrons and disturbingly loud telanovelas but was amazed at how easy, quick, and well maintained the place is.
5 STAR SERVICE:   When I went to dry the sleeping bags I had a fist full of quarters ready to put in the machine… the worker (maybe owner) told me not to waste my money because 50 cents would work.  Yes, she told me NOT to spend more money than I needed to. When does that ever happen?
5 STAR LOCATION: Across the street from the Horse Brass and the machines text you when you have 10 minutes left to finish your beer and  again when they clothes are done.
With a little practice on the timing you can leave after roughly 40 minutes with a wonderful afternoon buzz and downy fresh clothes.  A truly wonderful place.

Ryan B.

Portland, OR


High efficiency, all front-loading brand-new Electrolux machines, pleasant, clean environment, no blaring TV, KMHD on the sound-system, free Wi-Fi. The wash is more expensive, but these things squeeze out so much water you make it back with the drying. 6 loads washed in two washers for $15, then dried in one 77lb dryer for $1.75? Nice, nice, nice.  This place just earned my business.

Zen T.

Portland, OR



Back in the day I vowed to never do laundry at a laundromat again. Fast forward to the life lesson of Never say Never and voila! I find myself needing one again.
BUT, Belmont isn’t the kind of laundromat I was using back in the day and apparently times have changed. This place was super clean and new for a laundromat. I was completely shocked since previous reviews it seemed to be pretty scary before. I was worried.
-new, clean machines -great mags -very small book selection -fairly fast loads so you can get it all finished and be on your way. -staff on hand if you needed help.
BONUS *the machines will text you when your load is done so you can hit up the pub down the street.
” hello laundry day..I almost can’t wait to see you again.”

Shovelle S.

Portland, OR



Musty and moldy. Brady Bunch-era washers might be open if your lucky. Children running laps. Nascar on the TV. Ms. Pac Man…..Hey there’s one…nope, out of order! You know the experience, and you come to expect it.
Once you come here, you will not want to go anywhere else. None of the above apply to this place, and there are always machines available, nice ones too. (see other reviews). The owners are friendly and personable, and this place is always spotless, almost sterile. Prices are about the same as other places, but you are using less water and soap. If you live in the neighborhood, get here before everyone else discovers it.
I almost hate to fix my washing machine…….Almost.

Aerin C.

Portland, OR



I did a couple of loads here today, and had a very positive experience.
First off, the machines are all brand spanking new.  The eco washers are so high tech that they actually TEXT YOU WHEN YOUR WASH CYCLE IS DONE!  I met the owner of the laundromat, Connie, and chatted her up and found out that a lot of people put their laundry in and go across the street to the Horse Brass and have a beer and/or a quick bite and wait for the machines to text them when the cycle is complete.  Is that awesome or what?
Additionally, the place is staffed, clean and provides free Wi-Fi.  What else do you need?

Doug S.

Seattle, WA



Thanks to a basement remodel and unhooked washer / dryer, I just did 6 loads of everything imaginable. Clothes, towels, dog beds. Everything came out smelling great and clean. Machines are new, efficient and SO CLEAN (cleaner than my machines at home!). They even can text to let one know when clothes are done! Owners are really nice and obviously dedicated to keeping their shop clean. Place is well lit and there is lots of parking. Definitely NOT the stereotypical experience of a dirty, dingy laundromat. Worth every penny (and not expensive).
Place is under new ownership – they’ve been open since middle of February 2011. Ignore any post older than that, b/c the poster is not describing this new place.

steph e.

Portland, OR



I decided to check this place out after receiving a flier. The friendly owner walked us through the process. The laundry mat features washers ranging in sizes from 12 to 75 pounds. I was able to fit all my laundry (5+ pounds) in one washer. The washer automatically weighed our clothes to figure out how much water to use, which meant less waste. It even texted me to let me know when it finished! I was able to finish all my laundry in a little over an hour for less than $10. I plan to make this place part of my weekly routine. Goodbye crummy apartment laundry facilities! I will not miss you.

Hannah S.

Portland, OR



This business is now under new ownership and is now Belmont Eco Laundry.  I used to wash here when it was all run down, but was I surprised when I popped in this evening!  The building has been remodeled and is now CLEAN, with all the equipment replaced with super efficient machines that wash and dry in under an hour total!  I can now leave my house a dozen or so blocks away, wash and dry ALL of my clothes, and BE HOME within the hour.  Another cool feature is that THE WASHERS WILL TEXT YOU WHEN YOUR LOAD IS DONE.  All you have to do is text the number on the display when your load begins.  What a perfect excuse to visit the food carts a few blocks away while you wait.  The flier I picked up also suggests that you may be able to text the store before you come in and it will text you back and let you know how many washers are available.  That is something that I can see saving me a few trips on a busy weekend!  The washers also are designed to be totally full so you can use the smallest on that will fit your loads, and they spin out enough water that it only took me 75 cents in the dryer to get it all dry.  There is signage on all the washers and dryers that also say how many pounds of laundry can be loaded into them.  The two attendants that were there were very courteous and helpful as well.  I’m not sure if the bathroom was there before, but there is a large, clean bathroom for patrons to use now.  This place seriously blew me away considering what I was expecting to find.  The only thing that would make it a better laundromat would be wi-fi, which they may already have and I just didn’t notice.  Otherwise, I am sure a place like this will have it soon.  Hours are still 8am to 8 pm, but their comment card was taking suggestions on how early or late they should be open to be most useful.  http://belmontecolaundry…

Joelle R.

Portland, OR



Re-Opened as Belmont Eco Laundry. http://belmontecolaundry… Totally new laundromat, super nice amenities at the same price point as the old ghetto-ass machines.
I kinda liked the old bombed-out vibe the place used to put out. Yeah, only half the machines worked at any one time and the place was filthy. I once loaded a machine and almost started it up only to find the machine had dog kibble all inside it. One other time I swear I found a half eaten chicken leg! Back in the day I remember the place was clean, there were actual attendants and they even did dry cleaning, but for the past few years the old dry cleaning section of the laundromat has just added to that post-apocalyptic vibe, with the crooked signs and a back room that looked ransacked. Ok, so the place was a total shit-hole, I’m psyched that its getting a remodel. That third star only comes from the fact that the Horse Brass pub is a short block away, and although the place looks scary as hell,  I never had any qualms about leaving my laundry and going down for a pint or three.

John D.

Portland, OR

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